February 22, 2011


Angel. Cliff McNish.

Not fit to be a daughter, not fit to be a friend... not fit to be an angel...

Two girls are inextricable linked by destiny, not choice. Stephanie is a friendless, strange, a misfit.
Freya, cant stop seeung angels. but when one of those angels begin to stalk her, its shadow following her everywhere, Freya s forced to make a decisions with devastating reach-from which there is no turning back.

I think this book is quite a good and decent fantasy book. i liked it. the plot was great, with angels and dark angel its a bit creepy but it was a delightful read, i was living with fearing for those people Freya cares about, annoyed with some characters(cant help that) and also some scenes made me in tears. for me the story line was good, Pain, Love, Friendship and Sacrifices, this book has a moral lessons too . good for teens. and not bad for adults. cheers.

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