February 18, 2011

Flowers in the Attic

. Flowers in the Attic. V. C. Andrews. 1979.

Way upstairs there are four secrets hidden. Blond beautiful, innocent little secrets, struggling stayalive."    
I did like this book though its strange in some other way but i still did LIKE it, I'm actually looking forward for the next book. i thought it was fantastic, storyline was good. its kinda realistic fiction if you ask me. when i said strange, it is really strange because as i never yet experience or encounter something like this in any way that i am aware of, at least that's what i know. if you read this book you'll know what i mean i don't want to give too much away. moving on, the four Dollanger children had such perfect lives- a beautiful mother, a doting father, a lovely home, then daddy was killed in a car accident and momma could no longer support the family. So she began writing to her millionaire parents, whom the children never heard of before, an evil grandparents. in exchange for a favor, her children will be locked away in a room which is connected in the attic, yes in the attic the only place they can go to besides the room. the mother promised her children that they will be out as soon as her father(grandfather) die. but why?

"Well," I began in my hoarse, choked voice, while clinging to the only one who seemed to care anymore, "does money make the world go around, or is it love? Enough love bestowed on the twins, and i would have read six or seven or maybe eight inches gain in height, not only two."
A light read but very moving, full of mysteries and shocking secrets that will keep u on reading it. some will find this odd but it also can happen and possible to happen in real life, i did find it uncomfortable at first but the story line was really good that i want to kick these nasty evils who made the children suffer. cruel and shocking. it will have to find the right audience for this book, but i gave it a go and i don't regret spending my time reading it. V.C. Andrews is really good. this book also has a movie but i don't know if its any good with the book the book for me was definitely way better than the movie. in the movie, Cathy the eldest in the girl was way older compare to the book which ruined it and they should do a remake of this and it should be a proper, Hollywood should stop changing the scenes from the book really its getting annoying already

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