February 5, 2011

Ruined by Paula Morris

RUINED by Paula Morris

RUINED.a novel by Paula Morris.2009.
"And another girl" Her aunts voice, shrill all of a sudden, cut through the dead air of the parlor, "Miss Celia saw another girl, high above. She pointed up to the stone angel on top of the tomb, and at first the Bowman's thought that was the second girl, that Miss Celia must be talking about the angel. But she told them there'd be another Bowman daughter, of the same age. That night the girls would come face to face, lit by torchlight. One girl would live, and the other would die. And the curse would die with her."

I so loved loved loved this historical fantasy book. a very compelling novel, creepy, and un putdownable . they should make a movie of this. the story started at 1830 that will connect to our modern time. It happened in New Orleans, after the storm Katrina. which ruined most of the houses and buildings that made most of the people flew to another place. You ll also learned about free people of color the descendants of slaves, Plebs, and Debs, its so cool. Our girl named Rebecca who met a black girl Lisette and Anton(her love interest) in the cemetery, from there the story will unfold secrets and mysteries, that people tried to keep her in the dark just to save her life or would they?this book is RECOMMENDED! did a really good job with the characters, the plot everything. its really awesome!

Septimus Parade Night- Through the cemetery gate, masked men poured: some carried flaming torches smalled than the ones toted by te flambeaux. Others climbed onto the float, detaching Rebecca's headdress and pulling her roughly our of her pinioned skirt. She struggled, kicking her legs wildly at them, lashing out with her arms. Writhing and twisting, she could see that Marianned was no kinger on the float; stewards were gone as well. There was just her, the immobile costumes, and these ominous, silent men in masks and dark capes.

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