February 8, 2011

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong.


"Young Chloe Saunders has a gift. And that makes her dangerous."

No, there was something to the right, moving on the dirt. i could make only the dark shape, dragging itself toward me.

Wow. This book had me at hello. The plot was unpredictable, oh yes scary alright-, the story was moving, intriguing it made me so curious i was hooked up. It's creepy aye! specially when Chloe seeing ghost or worse, dead bodies. I don't know how to give my review without giving too much away, I want to just give you hints but i don't want to spoil your reading. Its much better reading without having too much idea whats gonna happen right? The ending also left me hanging that i already reserved my self the rest of the series.. also i didn't know this was a series until i searched for the author's. This book was so interesting, the world, a mad world, that the author made- I mean shes awesome. I cant wait to read the rest of her books.

Anyway, moving on. Chloe just wanted her life to be normal, as in normal like teenagers have, like being piled up with homework, a monthly period and maybe... a cute boy.... But life isn't going to be like that for her, or at least that's what she knew. After the incident that happened to her school which she totally freaked out big time, she was sent to the group home called Lyle house, it is a place for the kids with problems such as mental, etc., so they say. But things aren't getting any better for her. In the Lyle house, she have met friends, whom has their own problem as well like her, and she'll meet enemies of course. But what is it that Chloe didn't know about her, about everything that is happening to her and to everyone that she knows, the danger that awaits her? betrayal, evil, friendship and magic, this book is pact of thrilling scenes that will put you on the edge of your seat, and will leave you wanting more.Kelley Armstrong is sensational! Get ready for a scream(internal ofcourse)! click to see the Book 3
Click this to see some of the short story online Divided (Derek's Story when he got divided with Chloe and Rae)

Full site of The Darkest Powers

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