March 7, 2011

In My Mailbox #1

I'm so excited for this book, i cant wait for my ARC to come anytime this month. I will post it to you guys as soon as i get hold of it =)

 This book is still on my shelf waiting to be read.  If only i could read every single books i got here not to mention those eARC thats waiting to be read by me, i would do it, lol.

this one also came from netgalley and I have been granted to view the eARC and I am so excited because I am entranced with the cover and the synopsis. this should be a great fantasy book. Thanks to these lovely publishers. so I will be updating you guys very soon. thank you readers!


  1. Loving the cover for The Goddess Test. It's really captivating. :)

    Great books girl!


  2. Oh man, I'm so excited to give Shine a try! Looking forward to reading your thoughts. :)

  3. Reading Shine right now :) So far, I'm really enjoying it-- Hope you do too!

    New To My Stash Happy Reading!

  4. @ kelsa thank you
    @ lisa i will post it as soon as i am done.
    @ simplyme i will be reading it soon too! happy reading

  5. Shine was so good! Enjoy it when it comes; I couldn't put it down!

    I'm a new follower - I love the look of your blog!


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