March 2, 2011

The Intruders by E.E. RIchardson

The Intruders by EE Richardson

The Intruders by E. E. Richardson. 2006

"If I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take..."

Joel Demetrius is looking forward to moving in with his new step family, but as far as his sister Cassie’s concerned, they’re nothing but intruders. Cassie doesn’t want anything to do with their mother’s fiance and his two sons, and to make matters worse their new home is a rotting old heap, neglected for decades. Joel thinks it’s interesting; Cassie thinks it’s a dump.

But as fascinated as he is by the place, Joel has to admit there’s something not quite right about it. Not only does he keep seeing things out of the corner of his eye, but strangely realistic nightmares are keeping him awake.

And now day is becoming just as horrifying as night. Joel’s nightmares are developing into blood-drenched hallucinations and the others are starting to feel the same strange presence from his dreams. As the events in the house gradually become harder to explain, the line between nightmare and reality is beginning to blur—and now all four teenagers are starting to wonder just who the intruders really are.

For me this one is unputdownable. creepy and humorous, though its really an old book its still worth reading specially for those who likes scary stuff. I liked the five kids characters, how the two eldest quarreling because they did not like their parents together. but for some reasons the eerie events unite the youngster together as they solve the mystery in this haunted house. for a young age point of view it was really scary, for an adult point of view, it was a bit predictable but STILL scary. all and all it was a good book. mystery and families. loved the plot loved the characters and loved the ending. Good job EE Richardson. I recommend this for Jr teens and ya.

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  2. I've already read it. It's a good read, maintaining the thrill throughout

  3. Oh my goodness! This used to be one of my favorite books when I was younger! Every time I went to the library I would reread it. I should do that again.
    New follower. :)


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