June 3, 2011

Jamie Campbell as Jace Wayland (The Mortal Instruments)

Yes guys its true. Jamie Campbell has been cast as Jace Wayland for the Mortal Instruments. Okay, I never really did consider Jaime as being Jace Wayland but there's probably a reason why he was picked out! Surely he is a good actor, and I should say he is sexy and has a bad boy type image as well like our Jace. 

This shots taken for Vogue Italia, he looks good here alright. If Cassandra is happy with him playing the role of our super hot Jace Wayland then so am I  :) hahaha.

By the way, rumours says he's engaged with the Harry Potter cast Bonnie Wright. They met on the film set and fell in love. I was so surprised, they were really quiet about their relationship! Well what do you say about these supahot news guys? I know some of you had been expecting different actors for the role! Anyway, I just have to wait and see the movie and im so dying to watch it! Will see how it goes.


  1. I'm not sure how I feel about him as Jace, but we'll see. That picture of them together makes me think Bonnie would be a great Clary though. Hmmmm...

  2. He's actually been with Bonnie since late 2009. The engagement was confirmed in April this year by Jamie. :) They're a really sweet couple, very private though.

    I've never heard of the Mortal series, but pretty big fan of Jamie (and Bonnie).

  3. @karis she can be Clary hey!

    @tigerlily thanks for that info , I got it from a newsblog that i read somewhere. I am a hugefan of Bonnie too (Im a harrypotter addict)

    The Mortal Instruments Series are one of my favourite books by Cassandra Clare you should check it out at goodreads. :)



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