July 29, 2011

200 Followers Book Giveaway[CLOSED]


I'm so excited to tell you guys that I am going to host  another book giveaway this time 2 winners and 3 books will be given away free of charge. First lets start with the International Giveaway. Its not that much but I do hope this will do. This time I have reached 200 followers already. I started blogging last February this year *wide grin* thank you! (there's still more giveaways to come soon I promise) And of course, I want to say thank you all for following me and taking time to read my posts, and to my to-be-followers Welcome! Hope you like my humble gifts to show my warm appreciation.

For those who haven't read these books yet or it's been in your wishlist or you just simply want to own them, join the fun. 1st WINNER will have 2 books of her/his choice below. 2nd WINNER will get to have 1 book of her/his choice below.. Just read the rules and your on it. CHOOSE ANY 2 of these 14 FAB BOOKS updated. Button for this giveaway is up for grabs. .

Copy below if you want something ready for a repost otherwise you can do something your own.
 200 Followers Giveaway @laineficbookrev http://ficbookreviews.blogspot.com/2011/07/200-followers-book-giveaway.html It's International ends Sept 18



    Please read the Rules:
    • I would be really really Happy if you FOLLOW ME/JOIN THIS SITE as well as re-post this giveaway to your blog/twitter/fb etc. (+2 entries/per repost/grabbed button) Not required though we are still friends =).
    • 1st winner Choose ANY 2 of the 14 books above of your choice,and 2nd winner will get to have 1 book of her/his choice. These are all paperback copies. random.org will pick the lucky winners.
    • Giveaway ends on September 18, 2011 12am gmt.
    • It's INTERNATIONAL. Everyone's invited to this celebration.  Check  your Country here. 
    • Any questions regarding this giveaway, please don't hesitate to ask me. I'll do what I can to help you. :)
    • Fill out the form below and dont forget to leave your comment(s) below. Thank you
    FOLLOW ME on this site


    1. Your blog is very nice. Congratulations to more them 200 followers and thank you for your Giveaway :)

    2. Thank you So much for this awesome giveaway! I really appreciate it! It's very generous of you for having these particular selection of books! AND making this competition International! Thank you! :D

    3. Thanks for the giveaway! Those are some great books!

      Giselle Cormier

    4. Thanks for the giveaway (international hooray!!!)!

    5. Amazing giveaway, thank you!

    6. Thanks for making the giveaway international! I found your blog randomly, now a new follower :)

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    8. Thanks for the giveaway, the book choice looks awesome :D Love your blog.


    9. Thanks for the giveaway! And congrats for the (as of now) 470 followers woohoo!

    10. Congrats and thanks for the giveaway!

      Laura x

    11. Hi! Did you post who the winner is?


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