July 6, 2011

Author Guestpost: Perry Aylen and Hexult Giveaway

Hexult by Perry Aylen
Published May 12th 2011 by Skymirror Publishing

When the seas rose and the world froze, much knowledge was lost.
Mysterious twins, Jacob and Elya, shipwrecked in Hexult, discover their superior understanding of science is mistaken for magic by the superstitious islanders.With the aid of Aulf the mailman and his fiery crewmatn, Ingar, the twins must overcome terrible tragedy and danger, to save their reputations and their lives.

Hexult is a book with fresh ideas for teenagers.  It will appeal to both boys and girls, and the subject matter is suitable for younger advanced readers.

“So what makes Hexult different?” I hear you ask.
Hexult has a radical concept in teenage fiction; a book with no vampires, werewolves or magic!
“What’s the point?  Surely there must be some undead somewhere?”
Sorry, hard to believe, I know, but anyone who dies, stays dead.
“But you have wizards?”
Ah, yes.. well, not real wizards.
“Well why are they called wizards then?”
Because they do things that appear to be magic.
“Like what?”
“Well, an old one foretells the future, a young one can start fires with sparks from his fingers.
“Seems like magic to me.”
That is the crux of the book, it does seem like magic to the locals, but it’s not.
“Any more magic?”
It’s not magic, just school-boy science
“Ok any more magic-like happenings”
Well, The dark wizard can light fires with ice and they can talk between different islands without a radio, oh yes and they bring with them magic-hands, which show people the way.
“Well, I’m with the locals, sounds like magic to me.”
Well it’s not, I hate to burst your bubble, but there’s no such thing as magic.
“So where can I get this book?”
Just go to www.hexult.com for a list of sites where you can download Hexult like...
..like magic!

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