August 27, 2011

Altered by Aubrey Coletti Review+ GIVEAWAY[CLOSED]

Altered (The Academy Series #1) by Aubrey Coletti
Published June 4th 2011 by Escape Artist Press
Source: Author
"So I'll have to take the big risk. Irony is a bitch."

When Toni, Joseph and Charlie arrive at their new boarding school, they are glad to leave their families - and respective problems - behind. Isolated as boarders, they meet a handsome senior with a personality like iced snake's blood, teachers with a penchant for physical punishment, and four other outcasts who reveal that their being brought to the Academy wasn't random at all. When the arrivals discover that their new school is engaged in "behavior modification" through electric shocks, isolation, restraints, and an ever-evolving set of methods to "fix" them, they declare war on their Academy. During their campaign of sabotage, they fight, hate, scorn, love, and begin to uncover the reasons why they were brought to the school. But as their war against the school escalates beyond their control, will they become the very things the Academy believes they are: dangerous, delinquent - and mad?

This book is about these teenagers  sent to Altered Academy for some reason that they didn't know about. They thought it was just a normal boarding school. After finding out that they do horrible punishments for those who defies the rules, students were scared, but Toni Ann and Joseph's  group " not-so-ordinary kids" have declared a war, a war that will measure their friendship and their strange abilities to escape this horrible Academy.But someone betrayed them, and that messed up everything, will they be able to get out of this school?

I don't want to give away too much about this book otherwise it will spoil the reading. But I enjoyed reading ALTERED.  I liked the idea of teenagers joining together with some kind of unnatural talents that they were oblivious of and then trying to plot something against the Academy. I thought that was pretty interesting.  The characters that standout more to me was Ann and Joseph, they are a bad-ass teenagers. Loved the thing going on with them two. Some scenes were quite intense, the love scene and especially when they were on the stage of acting on rebellion. I got confused with some scenes and some dialects though, but overall I did like ALTERED. And the ending was quite interesting too I actually cant wait to read the next book.

By the way,  those days when I was in high school I used to dream of doing wicked things in our school with my friends behind our teachers back.  ha ha Didn't have the guts though. :)
About this author
 Aubrey Coletti

I am a nineteen year old singer, songwriter, choreographer, and author of the novel "Altered", book one in The Academy series. I value my fans above all else.
You can also find her on TWITTER and Goodreads. 

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  1. Thanks!I'm looking forward to reading Altered:)

  2. Nice review and thank you for the giveaway.

  3. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!!! It looks like a really cook book! :D

  4. Thanks for the giveaway. This book sounds like a good read.


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