August 20, 2011


 Hey guys, I thought I'd share this template with you that I made recently. If you are a new blogger who wants to have a new template because your getting bored of your old or you are a newbie here on blogger and wants something that is already made, then maybe you can check this one out.. If you like glitters and colors then see if this is for you.

This is only a Preview - Right sidebar 


Your own header and other gadgets will remain this is only a preview of the template
  1. Go to Design.
  2. Click Edit HTML
  3. Warning: Back up your template first by clicking the Download Full Template
  4. After backing up your old template, Download the template file. It will direct you where I uploaded it online. Scroll down and you'll find the download files button. Then
  5. In Back up/Restore Template, click the Browse button.
  6. Find the file and upload it. And Voila!
You may tweak it more to whatever suits your blog. Just go the Design then click Template Designer. It's also great if you grab my button and paste it in your SIDEBAR, but I don't really mind if you didn't. Just enjoy this template and if you have any questions or help, let me know and I'll do what I can to help you. Cheers!

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