October 12, 2011

Author Interview: Laurie Bowler + Giveaway(closed)

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  • First of all please tell us a little bit more about your self.
Firstly, I want to tell you a little something about myself. My name is Laurie Bowler and I live in the United Kingdom. Normally I write paranormal/fantasy but lately I have been writing horror, and I am enjoying every second of writing.

The process is fantastic, new characters, worlds and even the settings and the plots are just some of the aspects of writing that I adore. I can never get enough of creating a new storyline, every story I am keen to make as unique as I can.

When I first started to write I had no idea that it would lead this far, neither did I know at the time that I would become known by my friends as ‘The Writing Machine’. I must admit I am finding the name suits me well though. It seems I finish a story and I am starting again the next day on another story, I love the hype and the excitement of writing.

Creating new worlds, and characters, inside my stories I can be anyone that I want to be, and I can even create a creature that lets say might be in a nightmare and then have the creature revenged somehow inside my story. 

I guess I find it very therapeutic and relaxing, some of the horror stories I have written lately have been pretty gory through and I’ve almost made myself puke writing the specific scenes! I would say they are not for the faint hearted but they have a very good storyline and I always wanted to write in a different genre other than paranormal fantasy to broaden my horizons and to test myself.

I test myself daily, to see if I can write different genres of stories, and horror was one of my small tests, my horror stories are published Death Bite, Bloodthirsty Gruesome Tales and Hacked Up.
  •     What inspired you to write your first book/novel?
I started writing in November 2009, and I literally woke up one day and saw the huge stack of books I've collected and wondered if I had what it takes to write my own book and it was then I sat down at my laptop and began Vanquished. I quickly followed it up with Vanquished The New Beginning, and since then I have not stopped. As I have mentioned I have now been given a nickname of 'The Writing Machine' because I end a book and dive straight back into starting another one. So far I have written 31 stories in total, and the ideas are still coming!
  •     Can you tell us more about the Moon Rising series?
Nessy is a half breed, she isn't quite human and not quite vampire either, I wanted to create a unique character so there is a hidden element to Nessy's DNA  will find out when you read the book. I also wanted to be able to add another creature rather than the cliche of werewolves vs vampires and so I did a little research and stumbled across the Gulons. They are a  Scandinavian legendary creature and have been adapted to fit the vampire theme, more or less it has enabled me to make the series stand out from the rest and I have had immense fun creating all the characters and in later stories of the series introducing new characters to the theme of the story.
  •     What is the target age group for most of your books?
My first books are aimed for anyone who enjoys paranormal, fantasy and romance but I have grown in confidence and since writing Depths of Darkness which is aimed at an older group but is still enjoyed by anyone. I haven't specifically tried to aim any of my stories at a particular group but it appears they have fallen within catagories anyway! Some of my newest work such as Bloodthirsty Gruesome Tales, Hacked Up and Death Bite are for anyone who enjoys a good horror story, but not for young people due to the content of the story.
  •     What is the hardest part in writing a book?
The hardest part for me is when I'm writing a fight scene or a scene when someone is arguing, I don't like to argue with people in my home life so I find this aspect of my stories a little challenging sometimes. Setting the scene and making sure it flows well and the context is well written so readers are able to visualise the chapter in the right way is very difficult.
  •     Any book in particular that has influenced your life and writing?
I actually don't read fantasy books as a rule and I only say that because I dont want to have another fantasy storyline in my imagination while I'm trying to write my own. I read Virginia Andrews mainly, and I must say that I do adore the books by this author.
  •    Please name us your top five favorite fiction books/novels that you have read so far? And tell us why.
Flowers in the Attic - simply because this is one of those stories that always makes me cry everytime I read it.

Twilights Child (Cutler Family series) I liked the entire series by Virginia Andrews, it makes you wonder how one person can go through so much in life and still come out the other side!

Message from Nam - A wonderful story, and very touching. This one also made me cry a little. I know I probably sound like a wimp but if a story can have the ability to make you feel then I believe its a true story!

No Greater Love - Again this one is by Danielle Steel and is a very touching story of love and loss. I loved this book purley based on the Titantic story and the events an entire family had to go through, seeing Edwina's life and the way she managed to overcome her own grief to look after her younger siblings.

Ruby The Landry Series - I first read this series when I was a kid, and I loved it then. I lost the enture series though when I was moving house and I recently brought them all again and have re-read them, and I still love them. Ruby is a fascinating character, I loved it due to the content and the twists and turns in the storyline that I didn't expect.
  •     Any last thoughts for our readers?
I have many books due out and I hope you will take the chance to check them out. You can of course keep up to date with my books by following my blog:


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