October 18, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Which books did you buy based on the cover and/or title?

Created by brokeandbookish TOP TEN FIVE TUESDAY: Which books did you buy based on the cover and/or title?

Born at Midnight -- Ahh aside from the cover, the title did it too. And guess what, It turned out my money didnt go to waste at all, this is one of my favorite series in my collection. Loved everything about this book.

GlimmerGlass -- Yes this is also in my shelf, I mean the whole series. I heart all the covers of this series.

Fury -- Loved the good old Red and Black. Simple yet captivating. I remember seeing this in the library first, I find the cover eerily creepy with blood on her hand and mask shes wearing.  One of my favorite realistic fiction novel (contemporary)

My Name is Memory -- I bought this book in the Philippines when I was on my holiday last March and I had no Idea if this book was good or not but I was drawn with the cover and the title as well. But since I have an overflowing books on my  tbr list at the moment, I havent been around with this book yet, unfortunately. So I do not know if this is as good as the cover. But i loved the cover that is all.

Ruined -- I just loved this book's cover. Cemetery and a girl in a white dress? Check!


  1. My name is Memory is nice. That's the same author as the travelling pants. I may have to look this book up!

  2. I bought "FALLEN" by Lauren Kate
    "BEAUTIFUL CREATURES" by Maggie Stohl and Cami Garcia
    And "DIE FOR ME" by Amy Plum
    Strictly because of the covers.
    They did not disappoint!

  3. Glimmerglass is really pretty, especially since it's sparkly in person. :P I haven't read it yet, but I'm glad I have it. I'll try to get to it soon.

  4. Born at Midnight and My Name is Memory have such pretty covers! And I had never heard of any of these before today. Guess there's another set of books to add to my reading list ;)

  5. HI guys, thanks for commenting here. I know My name is Memory is such a gorgeous book. x

  6. I love that cover for My Name is Memory! I have the blue version that is mainly just the title and author's name. This one is way better. :-)

  7. I love all of these I've also got my name is memory on my tbr pile the cover is pretty

  8. That GlimmerGlass cover is stunning!


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