October 5, 2011

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
Release Date:  September 27th 2011
Series: Mara Dyer #1
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Format: Hardcover, 452 pages
Source: Owned
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Mara Dyer doesn't think life can get any stranger than waking up in a hospital with no memory of how she got there.
It can.
She believes there must be more to the accident she can't remember that killed her friends and left her mysteriously unharmed.
There is.
She doesn't believe that after everything she's been through, she can fall in love.
She's wrong.

After I finished this book, I was speechless. Ok so I had to close my eyes and absorbed everything that just had happened *whatda!* to be honest with you, I didn’t have any idea what to expect with this book  until I have read it. Get ready for a mind boggling experience with Mara Dyer…
But before that, let me tell you the ten things that makes a guy swoon-worthy, yes?
  • If he walks over to the passenger side and open the car’s door for you most of time.  (hmm very rare these days)
  • If he ties your shoe lace. (okay very very rare these days)
  • If he takes your bag and sling it to his shoulder.
  • If he always wear a bedroom hair but still looking hot. (swoons)
  • If he doesn’t mind getting his hand dirty when someone is being mean to you (oh yeah!)
  • If he can speak French. (ok that’s sexy)
  • If he has an English accent.
  • If he wears Chucks.
  • If he is a man full of surprises.
  • If he doesn’t bring notes and books but still doing well in classes. (Brainy!)

It is not only Noah that is a swoon-worthy here in this post...

I really don’t know if my review will do this great book any justice.  But I will still try. I mean its sooooo good.  The story was definitely twisted and addicting. I love being inside Mara’s mind, I was captured by her thoughts, and emotions, I connected to her very well, and your gonna love her for sure too, but she has a dark secret and if you read this book you are sure to find out. I loved Noah and Mara’s chemistry, he is very appealing to me I could drool.

The characterization and plotting was amazing and surprising that you’d guess and wonder what is really going to happen next.  The storyline was wicked and stirring that every page was worth my precious time. The story has a dark, demented feel yet I found myself smiling from ear to ear, and made my skin crawl with excitement. The ending will have you hooked..But then I will be a huge spoiler if I tell you more, this is one of the great books  out this year best left to the author and characters. 

Michelle Hodkin did a really great job! Cant wait for the next book!  Highly recommended!


  1. Ohh, now this makes me curious--even more than before! You're review was awesome, seriously. I'm dying even more to get my copy now! I'm sooo hoping it manages to arrive before the weekend. I need it!

  2. You have me swooning from your 10 reason's why Noah's so swoon worthy and I haven't read this book....yet.
    I sooooo need to get myself a copy. Don't know why I haven't yet. Must add it to my to-do list!

    Great review!

  3. Thanks girls. Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Reading your review just makes me want to read this book again! Love your list! Noah=Amazing :)

  5. Hey dear!!
    Excellent review!! I so agree with everything you said!! and the ten things that makes a guy Perfect...holy cow!!! I swoon over Noah every night XDDDD Yummy!!! Well said my dear!!
    Also, thnx so much for stopping by =)muah!

    Dazzling Reads

  6. That list! <3 Great review! I loved the book too, and I agree it had made me speechless when I finished it.

    I wanna thank you for stopping by! :D

  7. Thank you @Natalia and @Guen glad you loved the list. :) <3


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