December 18, 2011

Faking Faith by Jossie Bloss

Faking Faith by Jossie Bloss
Published: November 8th 2011 by Flux
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After a humiliating "sexting" incident involving a hot and popular senior, seventeen-year-old Dylan has become a social outcast—harassed, ignored, and estranged from her two best friends.
When Dylan discovers the blogs of homeschooled fundamentalist Christian girls, she's fascinated by their old-fashioned conversation themes, like practicing submission to one's future husband. Blogging as Faith, her devout alter ego, Dylan befriends Abigail, the group's queen bee. But growing closer to Abigail (and her intriguing older brother) forces Dylan to choose: keep living a lie or come clean and face the consequences.

Wow. just wow.  A compelling contemporary YA book.

I dont even know where to start with my review. After I finished reading this book, my jaw's aching because I was trying to hold my tears back. It's not because it was horribly horribly sad, but something touchy and inspiring. Jossie Bloss did a great job writing a wonderful story. The originality of the concept was just refreshing. She created characters with two different perspectives/beliefs in life but somehow managed to pull it out together neatly, and I have enjoyed it thoroughly.

The story was so intriguing and absorbing that I couldnt put it down. The story includes beliefs, religion, family firiends, forgiveness love etc. I guess some of you would think this is not the book for you or youd be weary picking this book up, since I mention religion up there. But as long as your open-minded with this kind of stuff then you will be alright.  I'm just glad I came across this book, I never thought Id enjoy this book so much. I was all giddy with excitement and nervous, when Dylan faked Faith.  I grew loving Dylan or Faith after all those stupid things she'd done and what she've been through, shes a very loveable character. Dylan - after making a couple of bad decisions, a sexting scandal and had put her family in shame- found herself pretending to be someone else. She faked her identity, she became Faith. What Dylan did was really gutsy and ... scary. And then she met Asher, Abigail's brother. I was like how screwed up was she?

I thought the ending was so good yet sad in a way. I wanted resolution and not just an indication of what  could have happen after. But I loved FAKING FAITH. And I hope you will enjoy this incase you happen to pick this book up one day.As much as I want to tell you more about this book, Id have to stop here. This could be in a movie I guess it would be a really good one. I recommend this to everyone.

I love this quote:
Because you fight it out, and stumble, and write bad poetry, and pick yourself up again, and at the end, hopefully, someday youre sitting with your kid on her bedroom floor, talking about how you screwed everything up too.


  1. Great review Lalaine! I've been on the lookout for contemporary novels to read. I miss that realistic, refreshing feel. And I think I'm up for this one.

  2. wow. that sounds awesome. I will deff have to read this one.

    stop by my review of Fever?!

  3. Oh wow you have me convinced! I had totally forgotten this book had come out! It sounds amazing though I've been more into contemporaries lately as well this is definitely going on my wishlist!

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  4. Thank you, I dont recommend a lot of books, I would fangirling with books I have read but I dont usually recommend books unless I think it is a worth read so I hope you guys like it!

  5. Og god! great review! Im glad you really liked it! now Im looking forward to get it XDDD
    If it's recommended to EVERYONE, then IM IN!

    happy reading ^_^
    Dazzling Reads

  6. OMG if this book is as amazing as your review then I think I am going to love it like crazy!!!! Lovin' the quote you included. God I need to pick this one up asap!

    BTW love your blog want!

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