March 29, 2012

Book Cover Find

New plant in the garden" by Alexandra Sophie

Gosh, look at that photograph, its just so beautiful. I saw this and thought omygod, this can be a book cover, I mean really. The tiny little flowers and its colors are just amazing. A little bit of fix here and there and tada! Gorgeous cover that can really attract attention. I loved it. What do you think?


  1. I agree! It's beautiful! My favorite covers are not the ones with faces on them, but if that's what you like this would be perfect.

  2. That totally looks like it belongs on a book cover. You're right. I don't always like the ones with just people on them but I think the tree and her overall look really would make it original.

  3. This would be an AMAZING cover!!!! I love the colors/the model is so pretty :)

  4. Oh goodness, this would be the most insanely lovely cover... and if you flipped it, it could wrap right round and cover the back, as well? SO gorgeous. Agreed. LALAINE! WRITE A BOOK SO WE CAN USE THIS AS THE COVER! XD

    1. hahaha! I wish! but thanks Sarah! <3 xoxo


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