March 31, 2012

Using Google Reader: Keeping Up With Your Favorite Book Blogs, Avid Readers' & Commenters' Blog Updates.

Because you are following a huge numbers of bloggers, you'd like an easy access to your favorite book bloggers, authors' blogs, or simply wants to pay back a visit to your avid readers' posts regularly. Ofcourse you'd like to do this in a very organize way. Whether its from Wordpress or any other websites, without having to subscribe via emails. Here comes Google Reader, where you can keep all these blogs neatly in a folder, i.e. Favorite YA Blogs, Authors Blogs, etc. So this is totally different from your Blogspot's dashboard.

 I guess, for other users like Wordpress, etc. you will have to sign up for Google Reader and create an account here.

Since I am a Blogspot user I'll show you the very easy steps to have an organized reader. If you dont have Google Reader account yet, please sign up first.

  • Dashboard>Right below Items you will see View In Google Reader , click it. You will be now sent to your Google Reader home page. 
  • To manage blogs: Click the blogs you would like to include in your folder and then click the Feed Settings and scroll down>select New Folder. You can name it whatever you like to name it. Its up to you :)
  •  To add sites/blogs: Click Subscribe button and add the URL of the site you would like to include and make sure you include them in their proper folder, by clicking Feed Settings> scroll down and select their designated folder.
  • To Read updates: Under Subscription, just click the folder you would like to check on your left side bar. And all of their updates will be shown. Great right? :)

    And voila! You can now check all your favorite blogs'/commentors/readers' updates in a very organized manner. To comment on their posts, please click the items/titles and you will be sent directly to their page/blog. :))

    So happy reading guys. And hope it all works for you. I'm very happy with Google Reader, so hopefully you will too! Cheers.x


    1. Eeeeee! Lalaineeee! Thank you SOOO much for this info/tutorial! It helped me HEAPS! Now I can keep updated on the blogs I follow in a VERY organized manner :DD Thanks soo muchh<3 xx

    2. GREAT post, Lalaine! I'd go crazy without GR--so many blogs, and I'd always forget someone else. I kind of assume everyone knows about it, but I've spoken to a few people recently, and was surprised to find I was wrong. This is a FABULOUS post--I mean, all those people who don't know about Google Reader, or how to use it? LIFESAVER! ♥

    3. I am using Google reader, but it's disorganized as I haven't got around to sorting things in folders. Thanks for this post, it's very helpful!

    4. Wonderful post. I don't know what I would do without GoogleReader. It took me such a long time to discover it.


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