April 13, 2012

Book Cover Find

Hey guys, I found some great photos and I thought Id share it with you. I thought they were all beautiful. I'd really like to see these on those books I will be reading in the future!

1.  I loved this one its soooo beautiful, or she is so beautiful. Perfect for a heroine!

2. A little bit of touches here and there, thsi book will look fab on a mystery/paranormal!

3.  Probably a contemporary book will fit this gorgeous cover,dont you think?

 4. I included this one just because its freaky! Red Riding Hood!

Ahh, this photo is just a perfection. The sand or salt or whatever it is on her face is amazing.  I loved it! Great for mermaids and paranormal books.

 This cover is insane. Probaby a psychological thriller or murder mystery would do this cover a justice.

Damn! Eerie and beautiful. Reminded me of Time Piece. <3

 Awww dont you just loved this picture? I mean, its just so cute and touching. <3 Its not really a book cover lol but I just cant help but share it with you, its soo cute! I remember those days when I was so little when all I want for a toy is an elephant. I think they are soooo adorable. 

Enjoy guys! Have a good weekend. X


  1. Oh my gosh, I love those. o: So gorgeous!! (And cute on the last one, haha) They'd definitely be AWESOME covers. I can't keep staring at some! Gorgeoussss.

  2. Okay I LOVE all of these covers especially the ice one and the mermaid one and the one with the girl in red!! All of them are AWESOME!!

  3. Ohmygoodness, GORGEOUS photos!<3 Yes, I'd totally like to see them on book covers :) The mermaid and green grass one would definitely make awesome covers!


    Krazyyme @ Young Readers

  5. Awesome, gorgeous images. Thanks for sharing:D


  6. Check out Marta Bevacqua. She's a photographer and I am obsessed with her work! I can see many of hers as novel covers (some of them already are Internationally)

  7. 1, 4 and 7 are my favorite ones! I love the under water photo, perfect for mermaids.


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