July 3, 2012

News: Beware...plagiarism is on a roll again.

Hi guys, I'd like to let you know that there was this weird commenter on my blog and not only to my blog but it seems this "person" has also done this horrible thing to the other blogger's too. Just in case, some of you didnt know, like me until now ofcourse, thanks to this concerned and helpful blogger Kimberly and Evie's post, I am now fully aware.

I came across Bookish Evie's post I was shocked and after reading it... ..rings a bell.... You see, someone named Eesti copied Evie's  review and pasted it as a comment on another blog. In my review post of The Immortal Rules (scroll down) you will see a comment coming from Eesti,  his/her comment were a short review, strange right? I do own a blackberry and I receive every single comments I get from my blog.. and I was like hang on, I remember this name! And if you read his/her comment, it is actually a part of a book review of Bookish Sarah The Immortal Rules, I googled it.

 It could be ignored, maybe its not a big deal, however if you come to think of it, its your own masterpiece, you spent time pouring your heart out while you write it and putting so much effort in creating wonderful posts just to be stolen(as in words by words) by someone else- whom I dont know what on earth he/she gets from doing that but Im sure its about gaining views or whateves on his/her blog- is pretty sad and sick. So if you happen to have this weird comment on your post, please let your fellow bloggers know if her post happened to be copied and pasted somewhere by "someone" without permission. I dont have any idea what we can do to stop this awful thing but atleast awareness helps, maybe a little but still...

Hope this post helps, dont know how it will but I just thought I'd share it with you, too. And I suggest you read Evie's post(link is up there) to know the real story.


  1. I hate it when people copy other people's work. Whether it's a misunderstanding or a common mistake or not but still . . .

  2. Here are a few others to look out for that do the same thing:

    Brasil, France, and Ελλάδα.

    I've received comments like that from the person you mentioned and the three I provided.

    1. I just searched all my comments and found a few more who do this.

      Sverige, Portugal, Danmark.

      It seems like it's mostly people who name themselves by countries.

  3. I got the same thing happened to me. The person was using country names like "UK" and "Canada" and taking reviews from Amazon and putting them on my comment. I didn't think about it until a blogger pointed it out and I went looking. I also had the Ελλάδα person as well.

  4. I've been getting these comments that come across as a mini review, but I didn't realise they were plagiarised from fellow bloggers! I feel stupid for just deleting them. Thanks for this post, I'll remember to Google the text next time and let the reviewer know.

    Someone called "Canada" has commented on my posts quite a bit. Ugh.

  5. That's horrible!! I'm so sorry that happened to you :(

  6. I left a comment for Evie. I suggested contacting the site host for the person that stole her review. Complain to people and if the host can do nothing, so be it. I also suggested if that is the case, then to spread the word to people and stop posting links to that person's site. Stop traffic, block the poster if you are able and make people aware. Doesn't matter what was stolen, we all work hard for traffic, why give some lazy jerk an easy out? That's not cool.

  7. I've been getting these comments, too--usually no older reviews. I 'm sure it's some kind of automated/spam comment system, or someone with a 'clever' idea to drive traffic back to some kind of shady blog, but this SUCKS. I didn't know it was Evie's reviews. Damn. Poor Evie. Especially when you work so damn hard on reviews :(

    Thanks so much for posting about this, Lalaine. I was just ignoring these before, but I'll start making a concerted effort to delete them now.

  8. I had several comments, but I deleted them right away. I don't understand why someone would do such a thing :s

  9. I saw this on Tynga's Reviews she had posted about weird comments it's so bizarre. What's the point!? I don't get it O_O


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