July 30, 2012

Stacking The Shelves

 Hello guys! Hope all of you had a good week. I did. I'm halfway through finishing Rebel Heart and its just amazing. Happy reading!xoxo

Currently Reading:

Books I recieved for the past two weeks: 
#Deamoninvasion #daemonskittens SWAGS from Lena! Thank you.

Thank you to all the publishers for all these books! <3


  1. AWESOME books this week!! I LOVED Throne of Glass and I hope you do too :)

    Btw love the new colors on the blog..they are fab!

  2. No Such Thing as Forever and Alice in Zombieland both look amazing!!
    And I LOVE those Daemon Invasion bookmarks!

    Tabitha @ Tabitha's Book Blog

  3. Great books! I'ma big fan of Gena Showalter's, the zombieland one looks cute.

  4. Omg that ARC of zombieland is so different from mine! The yellow/green is pretty... flashy! haha. I loved it though! And The Forsaken sounds really awesome so does Such a Rush! Awesomesauce haul, chickie!!

  5. Alice in Zombieland <3 The forsaken. Something strange and deadly. Throne of glass AND Endlessly. Damn, amazing haul! I really, really want to read these too. Happy reading!

  6. Uh... EPIC MAILBOX! Is that a finished copy of THrone of Glass? SSQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm SO excited to read Such a Rush and The Forsaken! ♥

  7. Awesome haul Lalaine! I also got Throne of Glass and Alice in Zombieland this week. I just about died when I saw Alice in Zombieland. Gena is one of my fave authors and I was ready to do cartwheels when I saw it ;)

    I'm really eager to read Something Strange and Deadly. Hope you love it!

  8. Awesome Books!!! Endlessly, Something Strange and Deadly, and Such a Rush all look fabulous!!!! And Throne of Glass sounds REALLY good!!! Enjoy all of these and I am looking forward to your reviews :-) Thanks for sharing.



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