September 27, 2012

Book Cover Finds

So again, I've found some beautiful and interesting photos that I would definitely love to see on books I'm going to read in the future. Somehow book covers adds more depth in your imagination that makes the character more alive. Sometimes when the book cover fails to represent what's inside the contents, it is disconnecting. So I thought these images has a potential to be a book covers. Go check it out. x
* The photos below are not mine.

1. Just some touch ups and color changing and this photo will be perfect for a fantasy or para books.

2. This girl in black thingy that covers her face I think would be good for a vampire stories, yes? Something simple yet striking. Not showing fangs and blood for a vampire book cover makes me more of curious what's inside the book. 

3. Ahhh, loving that hair and that dress, plus the leaves that surrounds her is simply stunning.

4.  First time I seen this cover with those creepy ink scratch on her back gave me the chills.

5. Thought this girl with that white thingy in her whole body is beautiful.

6.  Ok so this is one of my favorite in all of these images, because this couple looks perfect and that guy *sighs* with that wings? Great for angel/romance books! The girl looks like Emma Watson though, or that is her, either way, this photo is gorgeous.

So what do you think guys? Do you ever see one of these photos to be in your books to-read? Have a great day you all. <3 xox


  1. I really, really love the first two. The second one is definitely something for a vampire book!

  2. Ooooh, you've INSPIRED me. I e-mailed you ;D

    These photos are GORGEOUS ♥

  3. WOW!!!! where did you find these!? they are gorgeous!
    Seriously awesome!

  4. So gorgeous! I love all of them! But i have to say i really like the first two. Thanks for sharing! :)

    Sangita @ Whisper of Reads.


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