October 14, 2012

Outpost (Razorland #2) by Ann Aguirre

  Deuce’s whole world has changed. Down below, she was considered an adult. Now, topside in a town called Salvation, she’s a brat in need of training in the eyes of the townsfolk. She doesn’t fit in with the other girls: Deuce only knows how to fight.

To make matters worse, her Hunter partner, Fade, keeps Deuce at a distance. Her feelings for Fade haven’t changed, but he seems not to want her around anymore. Confused and lonely, she starts looking for a way out.

Deuce signs up to serve in the summer patrols—those who make sure the planters can work the fields without danger. It should be routine, but things have been changing on the surface, just as they did below ground. The Freaks have grown smarter. They’re watching. Waiting. Planning. The monsters don’t intend to let Salvation survive, and it may take a girl like Deuce to turn back the tide.

Published September 4th 2012 by Feiwel & Friends

 My choice would always be Fade.
Helluva book! Outpost picks up right where Enclave left off. The flow of the story was so smooth. I enjoyed Enclave so much that my expectation for this sequel was, of course, immensely high. And boy were they met and actually EXCEEDED. Outpost is utterly engrossing in so many ways, it was hard to put it down. I devoured this book fast and I loved every minute of it! IF you haven't read the first book yet, well..*glares* seriously? *shakes head*  Go ahead and read it now,.
The broken ones didn’t stop hurting people; they fed on pain.

The world-building was just amazing, more defined and the character development was surprisingly impressive, Deuce has profoundly changed while living in Salvation and so is the other characters such as Fade and Stalker. There will be deaths and new characters introduced as well as the controversial love triangle! While other thinks it wasnt a good idea for Stalker to become a "good guy", for me, sometimes people change, from bad to good. BUT. for Stalker to be Deuce's love interest is a no no for me. Why? It's simple. Deuce and Fade are meant for each other. Period.
I would follow him until the world stopped or until I found him. I believed love hadn’t weakened me or left me soft; instead it made me powerful, determined beyond all belief.
This series is a must-read, especially this sequel. It's very emotional for me yet it's also intense and action-packed. I've invested so much on Deuce, and for me she is one of the most realistic, unforgettable and a kickass heroine out there. Loved reading her beautiful voice. Loved eveything about this book. Kudos to Ann Aguirre!

"A few people said it was punishment from heaven.” Those people needed a boot in the face. “I’m sorry.”
“Happy naming day, Deuce.”A smile built inside me. But before I could offer a reply, he went on, “Forget me. Stop staring at me with those begging eyes. I can’t be what you need now.”And then he went away, all ice and air, and left me dying in the silence.


  1. I loved Enclave - thought it was very well written. Now that's I've read your review I'm going to have to get the sequel - thanks!

  2. Great review! I absolutely loved Enclave so I'm pretty excited to read this sequel.

  3. Oh good! I kept putting this one off because I had some issues with the first, but the world building and stronger character development you mention makes me kinda want to read it asap! :D

  4. I think I'm about the only person left who hasn't read ENCLAVE. O_O It's nice to hear that both the world building and characters were developed further, because sometimes, a lot of sequels to other books tend to overlook this part. :/ They start focusing more on the romance and all those kinds of unnecessary details, you know? Really annoys me when that happens!

    Your review definitely makes me want to read the first book, though! :D But first, I've got to save up on pocket money...


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