January 23, 2013

Scatterheart by Lili Wilkinson

The turnkey pushed Hannah into the cell, and clanged the door shut behind her. Hannah’s eyes stung and she felt a heavy churning in her belly. The smell of urine, vomit, sweat and rotting flesh was overpowering, and she broke out in a hot, prickly sweat, despite the icy night.

1814, London Town. Hannah Cheshire - wealthy and spoiled - has fallen from grace. Punishment: transportation to the colony of New South Wales.

Published January 15th 2009 by Coppenrath Verlag

Dark and gritty.
This book was amazing. Couldn't put it down. There were never a time that I got bored with it. I enjoyed this book so much I thought it was impressively written. A YA historical novel with a combination of romance and suspense. I came across this book a year after I moved here in Australia, and hardly knew its history but because of this book I kind of research for more. Set in Old London, where convicts either get hanged or transported in the place called New South Wales which I believe is here in Australia (east o'f the sun and west o' the moon). The author said that some of the things that happened in her book are unfortunately not from her imagination, that they all happened right here in Australia. Ofcourse some of it are just fiction.

Hannah is a very interesting female character. She isn't the one you will like straight away, but eventually you will. Since she came from a family of Quality, she was a spoiled and selfish girl. I think that what makes the story a lot better. Our Hannah is obviously flawed, which made me love this book even more. Her  character development is fantastic.

Young Thomas Behr was Hanna's tutor, a commoner. One day, her father decided to sack Thomas, for he believed Thomas is no longer needed his service. Then one night, Hannah's father left and never came back, Thomas who loves her so much came for Hannah and offered her a marriage and to come with him to NSW. but Hannah who was misled by his father, said no that she is only to marry someone like her, of Quality and that her father will come home soon. Thomas whose heart was broken by this fled and left. From there, her life will never be the same again....her journey took a horrifying turn.

How far would you go to make things right and get back things to the way they were before?
Would you choose to love someone you expect to have everything you want?
Well I hope I'm making sense up there im so all over this book that I dont know whats the right word to describe it. And by the way, Lovely cover isn't it?
Quotes from Scatterheart:

"Once upon a time, there was a girl called Scatterheart, who was selfish and vain, with a heart as fickle as the changing winds...."
Hannah looked indignant.'Certainly not. I'm not supposed to be here. It's all a mistake. I havent done anythng wrong.' Long Meg laughed her great roar of a laugh again.' Sure you aint. None of us have, have we lads?' She spread her arms wide. One or two people acknowledged her with a nod or a wink. She turned to Hannah.'We's all innocent, pet. All of us.
'Dont you think its time for you to get a real job, Thomas?'he said. 'Youve been here for nearly four years, dangling after my daughter. Its getting unseemly. You should go and find yourself some pretty serving wench to marry. Some who is closer to your own station of life.'
How far would you go to make things right and bring back things the way they were before?
Would you choose to love someone you expect to have everything you want ?


  1. That sounds really good. I especially like the first quote you've used! :) Pretty. I will check it out, so thanks for the recommendation!


  2. Sounds like a good book. I'm glad you ended up liking Hannah as well, its hard to like a book if your annoyed with the main character!

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  3. As soon as you started talking about Hannah she sounds a bit like and Emma by Jane Austen character, who I LOVED. Obviously the stories are a bit different though, though it has similar qualities to Persuasion which is funny. I'm definitely going to be checking this book out. -Izzy


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